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The desire to be even more unique.... Smarack is a young brand that focuses on the beauty and femininity of women. To do this, SMARACK translates today’s trends in an elegant and refined end product, which charms all fashion connoisseurs. You will be pleasantly surprised with the Tailored Servicesthat Smarack provides. Not only will they be exactly suited to your size, the design will bedefinedaccording to your individual taste in materials and colours, and you will find that the lines are created to flatter and enhance your particular beauty. Beautiful cocktail dresses, stunning wedding dresses, skirts with cut-outs that you will add value to your shape, seductive and unforgettable tops... A wedding or a party you have to attend and you do not find the perfect clutch you need? Or none is adapted to the colour of your dress or shoes? Do not worry Smarack offers a range of different Clutches that are customizable (choice of fabrics, accessories, beads, etc…) . So don’t you bother anymore and now choose your own creation! The desire to be even more unique is to be the prettiest.

by smarack
by smarack

The art of bespoke few steps:

Step 1: We take a first appointment, without any obligation and it is for free. During this appointment, you might bring some pictures of what you have in mind (wedding dress, evening dress, suits, coat, long, short, strapless, bustier, transparencies, etc…). We speak then about shapes and styles that appeal to you and see if it might fit youmorphologically. I sketch some ideas in this intense brainstorming and I take your measurements.
Step 2: You sleep on it and if you wake up saying, “Oh yes ! “. This is a good sign, you want to have your own unique SMARACK dress. So, do not wait and contact me to tell me the models that you have liked the most during our first visit.
Step 3: Then I sketch some more designs where you will have to choose a model. At this moment I start working on the patterns based in your measurements. In the meanwhile, you make a tour in fabric stores to get an idea of fabric choices for your dress.
Step 4: Two weeks later, we make a first fitting in calicot or approximate material (think take the underwear you are going to use for the big day, or those who put you in value). At this point, the ideas take shape and improvements are preformed in order to embellish you. At this point, it is still possible to make changes from the agreed drawing,it happens often and it’s normal, this is why it is called the first fit session.
Step 5: The second fit session is used to verify that all lines embrace your body harmoniously. This step is very important because it is touch-ups tailor-made strictly speaking.Therefore it is always advised to put the shoes you have thought on wearing on that important day of your wedding, party, or meeting (for length ). Sometimes one fitting can be enough, but sometimes I ask you to return once or twice because I prefer to be sure to heading in the right direction. As from the second appointment, you have to think of buying the fabric. You’ve been looking around but you can not find the right one?do not worry : you can book my services to go buy the fabrics together.
Step 6: Tadaaaaaa your beautiful and unique dress is finally ready and you can come and pick it up. Thank you for your confidence.